Identification and determination of polymer materials required by factories

We proudly offer reverse engineering laboratory and analysis services for polymeric materials. Our team consists of experienced specialists in the field of identification and analysis of polymer materials, who provide you with the best services by using advanced equipment and modern methods.

Our services include:

1. Analyzing physical and chemical details of polymeric materials: This includes analyzing the mechanical, thermal, electrical, and chemical properties of polymeric materials so that you can know the exact properties of your materials.

2. Microscopic analysis: Using advanced microscopes, we examine the internal and surface structure of polymer materials to identify defects and weak points and provide suitable solutions for improvement.

3. Reverse engineering: If needed, using comprehensive analysis, we will implement the reverse process and help to optimize the formulation and improve the quality of your products.

Our team is looking forward to cooperating with you and is ready to provide professional and customized services in the field of polymer materials. For more information and to arrange a free consultation, please contact us.

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