Polystyrene is one of the primary polymer materials that is clear, rigid, fragile and strong in its unmodified state. Polystyrene is produced in various forms such as foam, rigid plastic and film, which are used for food packaging, electronic protection, etc.

Polystyrene is also known as phenylene and is a thermoplastic polymer that softens and melts when heated and can be reused. Polystyrene is a widely used electrical insulator that is resistant to chemicals such as acids and bases.

Below are the explanations of the types of polystyrene:

General polystyrene GPPS

One of the most widely used polystyrene models is crystalline polystyrene, which is also known as crystal polystyrene and is used for general purposes. It is used to make disposable containers, electrical parts, sports equipment and toys. Also, the use of crystalline polystyrene has advantages such as high strength, transparency, dimensional stability, high electrical properties, resistance to gamma rays and low price.


HIPS resistant polystyrene

It is an economical and versatile polymer that is resistant to impact and has good dimensional stability. Resistant polystyrene can be colored and is easily molded. The advantages of this type of polystyrene include high flexibility, easy machining, impact resistance, and low price.


EPS expanded polystyrene:

Expanded polystyrene is produced from white foams, which is used in the packaging industry, building insulation and other cases. Also, EPS expanded polystyrene granules consist of two parts. A part of styrene that forms the structure of the cell and a part of pentane gas that is a foaming agent. Expanded polystyrene is light weight and has low heat transfer.


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